Action Plan

Wetherby Golf Club: Corona Virus - Action Planning

Over the last week the speed and volume of guidance and advice from government and other bodies has continued to accelerate and multiply.
Wetherby Golf Club will take action to protect staff, members, visitors and guests to the best of its ability while the Corona crisis continues.
Our actions will be to help delay and minimise the risk of the spread of the Covid-19 disease.
It is recognised by experts that playing golf is a healthy pursuit, played in the open air with social distancing almost a factor of every amateur’s golf game.
Players of good health and not in the vulnerable age category are at minimal risk.
For players with underlying health issues, particularly those affected by respiratory illnesses, and in the age category deemed more at risk by the experts the decision to continue to play golf at this time must be at each player’s own discretion although Wetherby Golf Club will do all that it can to offer a reduced-risk environment in which to play golf.
Any staff, member, visitor, or guest showing signs of the COVID-19 infection should leave the course/club grounds immediately and self-isolate in line with government guidelines. The management of the golf club will ask any person showing clear signs of the infection will be asked to leave immediately.
The action planning at Wetherby Golf Club falls into 3 sections: The Course, The Clubhouse & Car Park and Golf – Social and Competitive.
The Course
The Course Manager, Darren Morris, and his team have already put a work-place plan in place. This includes staff groups entering/leaving the green keeping buildings and taking breaks to a maximum group size of 2 people.
Where work on the course requires multiple skills/labour the maximum work group size is 2 people.
Social distancing of 2m is in place wherever and whenever greens staff are at work.
Additional measures in place on the golf course from today, Sunday 22 March are:
• All rakes removed from bunkers. Players are required to smooth as best they can areas in bunkers after play by using feet and/or the back of club heads.
• All waste bins have been removed from the course. Players are required to keep their own waste with them until the round is completed and to dispose of afterwards, off course/club land as there is a limited number of waste receptacle around the clubhouse.
• All ball washers taken out of use.
• Shoe cleaning area is out of use; the compressed airline is switched off.
• Flags taken away from practice putting green and chipping area.
• Flagsticks to be foam lagged at the base to allow simple recovery of the golf ball when holed-out and eliminate any requirement to remove the flagstick when playing. Ball retrieval should be completed using a gloved hand.

The Clubhouse and Car Park
The clubhouse has closed following the government’s issued guidance of Friday 20 March 2020.
The main door, terrace door and external door to the lounge area are locked until further notice.
Entry to the clubhouse is via the door adjacent to the Pro Shop, and ONLY for:
• Access to the Pro Shop – maximum of two people in the shop at any one time, plus staff.
• Access to the Bag Locker room social distancing of 2m.
• Access to the toilet in the Pro Shop corridor.
• Access to the Gents toilets, wash-hand basins and hand driers. *
• Access to the Gents Locker room. Social distancing of 2m but see ** below
• The showers are out of use.

Entry to the Ladies locker room, toilets and wash-hand basins is via the external door direct from the car park, and for:
• Access to the Bag Lockers; social distancing of 2m.
• Access to the Ladies toilets, wash-hand basins and hand driers.
• The showers are out of use.

* The Gents locker room remains open in order that the toilets and wash-hand basins can be used and not for use as a normal changing facility.
** Social gatherings in the locker rooms are to be avoided. Members are asked to remove any golfing clothing/equipment they might require for play and to bring to/from the golf club in their cars. Changing into/out of golf shoes should be done in the car park if at all possible.
The trolley room remains open. However, where practical, members should take trollies and batteries home thereby reducing the risk of cross contamination.
Car Park security barrier will remain in operation to protect cars and cars’ contents whilst occupants in attendance at the golf club. This means the key pad for exit purposes remains in operation.
At their discretion, drivers should carry a glove or tissue in their cars for use when using the keypad.
Catering is suspended until further notice.
The Rijo coffee machine is out of use until further notice.
All social functions have been cancelled until further notice.

• Social distancing of 2m advised, throughout the course.
• No more than one player on the tee-box at any one time.
• Players should keep their clubs 2m away from other players.
• Players must not touch other players’ equipment, including balls, trollies, buggies, clubs etc.
• No handshaking before, during or after a round.
• No throwing up of balls to decide group teams.
• For social golf, try to play with the same players each time.
• Wear a glove on both hands if possible.
• No sharing of equipment.

Social Golf
• Don’t use score cards if possible; where score cards are used do not exchange cards. Each player should record his own score and have it verbally confirmed by another in the group.
• Tee time intervals will be extended to 8 minutes between 2 ball groups, 10 minutes between 3 ball groups and 15 minutes between 4 ball groups.
• Keep groups to 2 players where possible.
• Bookings to be made via BRS
• Turn up at your tee 2/3 minutes before time.
• All roll up group tee reservations will be opened up for players to book individual times.
• Methodology for draws to be completed should be worked out by the group organiser or with the Professional and/or General Manager.

Competition Golf
The committees responsible for golf are currently discussing competition golf. A further communication on this matter will be issued shortly.

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Buggies please follow the 90 Degree rule,when approaching the 18th green please stay left and use the path if at all possible. Please observe all ropes hoops and signs and enjoy your game.
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